Toni is the best + most motivating trainer in the world! Her studio is intimate + her workouts are forever changing! Her Barre class is awesome + her Bootcamp class will kick your butt!! Her 20/20/20 class is one of my favorites!
Many more years of success!! Toni will transform your mind & body!!


Find the class that's right for YOU!


A 45 minute group fitness class that combines cardio, strength training and Pilates with drumming
to achieve a full-body workout. Using lightly weighted drumsticks, Ripstix™, participants can expect
to burn between 500-900 calories per class and will be performing over 15,000 reps per session


50 exercises all done for 1 minute each.

BEll, Strap & Slide

If you’re looking for something different in your fitness class this is it.
Utilizing kettlebells, TRX Straps and slides you’ll be challenged like never before.  Your strength will increase,
your endurance will increase and your mood will increase with the variety of unique exercises in this class.


Take your Pilates training to the next level.  This class will incorporate a fusion of Pilates and
Cardiovascular training with no impact at all.  It’s safe for all individuals as modifications can be made when necessary.

BAKers dozen

13 exercises performed for 1 minute each.  This tough, but fun class will wake you up and burn off anything your Friday night may have included! Class sequence and exercises will change monthly.


Traditional mat Pilates exercises as developed by Joseph Pilates.  This class is perfect for every fitness level.

Pilates Mix

A Pilates class with a twist! We all know the many benefits of Pilates. This class consists of those traditional exercises and then some.
It flows from one move to the next smoothly and will take your Pilates to the next level. Light weights may be used.


Power yoga is for beginner to intermediate yoga practitioners. The power flow is designed to teach and further challenge the basics while working on conscious breathing techniques. The sequence is built around strengthening, stretching, and bringing postural awareness throughout the body. Build from the foundation of your practice, and connect into your own space for this 60 minute class.


TRX stands for "Total Body Resistance". This class uses the suspension training equipment by the same name. With over 400 exercises the possibilities are endless with this class. Along with the balance, flexibility and core strength, you'll improve stability and endurance.
You'll love the challenge! All TRX class are one hour long.


Tone, firm, strengthen and improve flexibility with this class. Light weights and toning balls will be used in addition to our Barres.
You're guaranteed to discover muscles you didn't know you had... and have fun while doing it!
Raise your Barre to the next level and feel the burn!

barre bootcamp

This barre class will hit you head to toe!  It involves the same principles of a traditional barre class, but it incorporates
a cardio aspect for additional fat burning.  The upbeat tempo keeps you moving the entire hour!
Raise your Barre to the next level and feel the burn!

Barre + stretch

Same great Barre class that puts an emphasis on your flexibility.  Flexibility training helps relieve stress and back pain,
aids in injury prevention and improves posture.  Those are just a few of the benefits you’ll notice from this class.

boot camp

Try this non-traditional workout to liven up your routine.  You’ll be pulling, pushing, lifting, running and working as a team with fellow participants.  This is beyond fun and a total body challenge!!  This class will be held outside weather permitting.

Total conditioning

This total body workout has it all!  It will improve your overall strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.
Be prepared to work…this class moves fast.

pound + more

Pound is a high energy cardio/Pilates fusion that uses light resistance drum sticks.  You’ll be drumming your way through an
intense 45 minutes of isometric and plyometric movements, then complete the hour with core work and
a great stretch…all while having FUN, FUN, FUN!!


"Tone, Lengthen & Condition" Using body weight only, this cardio based class has an emphases on little to no impact.
It's a great way to increase intensity while keeping your joints safe.  There are a series of sculpting moves to
keep you motivated throughout the hour.  It's perfect for any fitness level.

cardio blast

It’s non-stop movement and it is a BLAST!   Bring a towel and be ready to sweat!
You’ll love the challenge this class has to offer. The name says it all!


20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of muscle work, 20 minutes of Pilates!  This class has you covered! 
The balance of each component will have you feeling great.  This is a great class for any fitness level. 


"High intensity interval training".  This class will challenge you and improve your fitness level beyond what you've ever thought.
The emphasis is on short high intensity segments of exercise followed by short recovery times.
The results from this format of training are outstanding.  

strength and sweat

This class has it all!  Be ready to work and go beyond your comfort zone.  An interval style class that’ll have you moving constantly.
Small amount of breaks with large amounts of sweat!


Non stop movement! Low and High impact moves that will have you sweating like never before.
This cardio based class is for all fitness levels.

Boot Camp Newbies

This class is for anyone!  The emphasis will be on teaching proper form and execution of a strength training program.
Learn how to safely introduce resistance training into your routine.  First timers you will love this class!


This is a class for adults who have always wanted to learn ballet. We will learn the steps and
language of ballet, and experience the stretching, strengthening, and grace of this incredible discipline.
Ballet helps with strength, posture and flexibility — come see what your body can do, with exercises that are
the basis of any dancer’s workout and all choreography. Come and learn the building blocks of dance.
No dance experience necessary.


Okay ladies, it’s time to let your hair down.
Enough of the treadmill, stair-master, and stationary bikes; let’s have some fun!
The upbeat music and lively atmosphere of this class will have you moving in ways you didn’t think you could!
Aspects of cardio, plyometric, and strength training mixed into a dance-based
class will have you forget you’re even working out. This class is a no judgment-zone.
No dance experience required, but the ability to have fun, and laugh, is a must!

Ultimate Barre and Ball

This class has all your favorite Barre exercises with the added benefit of using a stability ball.  The class is held both on the off the Barre.  You'll improvements inn your balance, strength and flexibility quite quickly!